Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ready for tomorrow!

These are pictures of me being ready for school. I made dividers for each subject that had homework. The first picture is of the front of my binder, and the last picture is a picture of my backpack. I put it on mostly to put a picture of my keychains up though.


jinnyruth said...

You are too cute! This stuff looks great, you have such a craft talent. Good luck tomorrow! I love you!

tarahepworth said...

Oh, can't really be THAT excited about school starting can you? Oh man, I had no idea. You are a funny the key chains!

Pirakafreak24 said...

GRETA! Did you know that if you change the t and the a, it spells great? I accidentally made a typo. Anyway, HOW CAN YOU BE EXCITED ABOUT SCHOOL!????????